1. Sampoerna Mobile Banking comes with the latest UVP, Easy, Worthy & Bounty. What is Easy, Worthy & Bounty:
    • Easy
      • Opening an account is easy! Simply with a smartphone directly from Sampoerna Mobile Banking
      • Merchant transactions using QRIS
      • Send money to a Mobile Number
      • Pay, Buy and Top Up without hassle!
    • Worthy
      • Open an account without an initial deposit
      • Monthly administration fee free
      • Online transfers to other Banks are cheaper! Only IDR3,000 compared to the standard rate of IDR6,500
    • Bounty
      • Save up and collect the points! Chance of winning the prize raffle many times every month of the year.
  2. I already have a BSS account opened at a branch; how can I use Sampoerna Mobile Banking?

    Easy for Customers who already have a BSS savings account but do not yet have access to Mobile Banking you can activate Mobile Banking. Here are the steps to get Sampoerna Mobile Banking user ID and password for those of you who already have a BSS account but have never used Mobile Banking:

    1. Download Sampoerna Mobile Banking on PlayStore or AppStore
    2. Click continue on the opening page. “Hello! Welcome to Sampoerna Mobile Banking”
    3. Select “Skip. I already have an account.”
    4. Select “I Don’t Have a User ID yet”
    5. Enter your savings account number, then click continue
    6. Enter your date of birth and ATM PIN, then click the activation
    7. Agree to the terms and conditions
    8. Enter the OTP sent to the mobile number registered with BSS
    9. Create a password, select a security question, and click continue
    10. Create App PIN
    11. Activation was successfully performed!
  3. Can I change my mobile device and still use the SMB app?

    You can still use the SMB application even if you change or use other mobile devices. You need to re-download the SMB app on a new mobile device, and please log in using the same User ID and password. The steps are as follows:

    • Enter your user ID and click continue
    • Enter the OTP sent to the Customer’s mobile number registered in BSS
    • Enter your password, then click continue
    • Done. You can immediately use Sampoerna Mobile Banking to transact.
  1. I have more than one mobile number. Can I register all of these numbers?

To maintain account security, you can only register one account per KTP (ID card).

  1. How do I change my SMB password if I forget it?

You can change your password by clicking the “Forgot Password” option on the log in page and following the steps listed on the screen.

  1. What if I Forgot my SMB User ID?
  • For existing customers who open an account at a branch and already have a BSS MB user ID but forget the user ID, please reactivate it by following the steps in number 1.
  • For Customers who open an account through SMB, please log in using the mobile phone number entered during registration through SMB. If you no longer use the mobile number, don’t hesitate to contact the Call Center at 1500 035.
  1. Do I have to be a BSS Customer for SMB registration?

No, you only need an eKTP and a video call for E-KYC verification. Immediately download Sampoerna Mobile Banking from the App Store or Play Store, and follow the registration instructions listed in the app. After that, make a video call that you have specified for the verification process. Your account is ready to use.

  1. What if I don’t have an NPWP (Tax ID number)? Will I still be able to register?

You will still be able to do the registration process. You can approve the statement of not having an NPWP (Tax ID number) and continue to fill in the BO (Beneficiary owner) data page.

  1. When opening a new account, can I replace my e-KTP with a driver’s license/passport?

No, because when data verification to dukcapil (population and civil registration agency) requires a NIK (id number), you must still use e-KTP for the account opening process.

  1. Will SMB Customers be served in the BSS branch office?

With Sampoerna Mobile Banking, you feel like you have a bank in your hands. We are available 24×7 to help answer your questions, simply by calling our Call Center at 1500 035. However, if you still have to come to the branch, please come to the branch office of Bank Sahabat Sampoerna. Please access https://www.banksampoerna.com/office to see the branch office of Bank Sahabat Sampoerna nearest to you.

  1. Are accounts opened through SMBs accompanied by savings books?

By opening an account through SMB, you don’t need a savings book. All of your transaction histories will be stored on your phone. Everything can be done just by using your phone.

  1. Can I get an ATM card if I open an account via SMB?

You can request an ATM card through the “Card Settings” menu in SMB. The steps are as follows:

  • Log in to SMB
  • Select the “Card Settings” menu, then select “ATM Card.”
  • Select the account you want to link to your ATM Card
  • Select the ATM Card delivery address
  • Enter your App PIN
  • Please, wait until your ATM Card reaches your shipping address! Before you can use the ATM Card, please activate the ATM Card via Call Center at 1500 035
  1. If I have made an ATM card creation request on Sampoerna Mobile Banking, how long will it take to receive the ATM card?

The delivery time for the Jabotabek area is 7 working days and outside the Jabodetabek area takes 12 working days.

  1. If my ATM is lost or damaged, what should I do?

You can call the Call Center at 1500 035 to block it first, then request an ATM card from the nearest branch office.

  1. What products can I open via SMB?

Currently, SMB provides regular account opening and LAKU PANDAI accounts.

  1. Regular accounts:
    • Sampoerna Mobile Saving (SMS)
      • Monthly administration fee free
      • Free 30x cash withdrawals every month
      • Transfer to other banks via SMB only IDR 3,500 unconditionally
    • Heart Savings
      • Monthly administration fee free
      • Free 30x cash withdrawals every month
      • Get high-interest rates while donating, with a minimum balance of IDR500,000 to donate
  2. LAKU PANDAI account:
    • Pocket Savings
      • Monthly administration fee free
      • The minimum deposit is only IDR 1 –
      • Minimum cash withdrawal IDR 50,000 at Alfamart/Alfamidi/Agent and BSS branch
  1. Where can I see details of each of the savings products I own?

 You can go directly to the burger bar menu (=), where you can see the details of each savings product you have.

  1. How much initial deposit do I need to set up to open an account via SMB?

The initial deposit is free for Sampoerna Mobile Savings and Heart Savings products. However, because Heart Savings is high-interest rate savings while donating, you must have a minimum balance of IDR500,000 to donate.

  1. How long will I receive the cashback transfer when I make an online transfer to another bank?

You will receive the cashback D+1 after the transaction is made.

  1. Can I use the SMB app abroad?

If you are already actively using SMB, you can still do so whenever you want to use SMB to transact (pay, buy, transfer) abroad. However, activation and registration cannot be done from abroad because it must use Indonesian phone numbers in Indonesia.

  1. What should I do if I fail the e-KYC verification process?

If you fail the e-KYC verification process, please re-register or contact the Call Center at 1500 035 for more information.

  1. What is the transaction limit via SMB?

SMB daily transaction limits are as follows:

Type of Transaction SMB Maximum Daily Transaction
Transfer to fellow BSS IDR100,000,000
Transfer to another bank IDR50,000,000
Transfer of SKN IDR250,000,000
Transfer to the mobile number IDR5,000,000
All Purchases IDR10,000,000
All payments IDR50,000,000

  1. Will I receive an e-statement monthly if I open an account via SMB?

You will still receive an e-statement monthly to the email address registered with BSS. You can also download e-statements through SMB by:

  1. Log in to SMB
  2. Select “History”
  3. Select “Download E-Statement,” then select the desired period
  4. Enter your 6-digit date of birth (DDMMYY) password
  1. In the history menu, how long is the download period of the proof of transaction that I can see?

You can see the proof of the transaction for the next 90 days with a maximum of 7 days of selectable evidence of the transaction period.

  1. In the history menu, how long can I see the mutation period?

You can see the backward 90-day mutation with a selectable mutation period of up to 31 days.

  1. What if I want to change the app PIN?
    1. Select the account menu,
    2. Click the change PIN option
    3. Input old PIN
    4. Create a new PIN
    5. Confirm new PIN
    6. Input the OTP code sent to your mobile number
    7. Done – application PIN changed successfully
  1. What if my app PIN is blocked?

You can reactivate it.

  1. What if I want to change my password?
    1. Select the account menu,
    2. Click the change password option
    3. Input old password
    4. Input a new password
    5. Confirm password
    6. Input the OTP code sent to your mobile number
    7. Done – Your password was changed successfully
  1. How long is the registration deadline after I get a call to open an account through the send-to-friend feature?

7 days. If, after 7 days, the recipient does not register, the balance will automatically return to the sender’s account.

  1. What is the mechanism for calculating points? Points are used for what?

The raffle only applies to you who have Sampoerna Mobile Saving (SMS). Points are calculated based on the average balance of the previous month.  Here is the tiering of the points calculation:

Tiering Average Balance Number of Points Each multiple of IDR50,000
A IDR50,000 – IDR499,999 10 points
B IDR500,000 – IDR9,999,999 30 points
C ≥ IDR10,000,000 40 points