Bank Sahabat Sampoerna presented a new application Sampoerna Mobile Banking. Currently, applications that can be accessed through the Appstore and Play Store will begin to be socialized as a new way to save at Bank Sampoerna.

Sampoerna Mobile Banking is the next-generation bank that controls each customer in regulating finance. The existence of this application is also inseparable from the potential development of digital banks in Indonesia, which is still a very large

In addition, the current state of the Covid-19 pandemic is encouraging people to carry out online activities, including banking. Therefore, the increase in digital transactions is increasing.

With these conditions, Sampoerna Mobile Banking targets customers who fall into the category of digital savvy, regardless of their age. Targeted customers are used to using apps and smartphones to support their activities, whether they are students, professionals, or entrepreneurs.

Sampoerna Mobile Banking presents the convenience of opening an account only through a smartphone and the ease of making merchant payment transactions using QRIS. You can also send money to mobile phone numbers, even top up, pay and buy without any hassle.

Not only is the convenience offered, but Sampoerna Mobile Banking also exempts customers from the monthly administration fee, opening an account without an initial deposit and a cheap transfer fee of only IDR 3,000 compared to the standard rate of IDR 6,500.

Want to know more interestingly, Sampoerna Mobile Banking offers a raffle program in appreciation of customers who have already saved and collected points.

Wondering what raffle prizes are on offer? Download the Sampoerna Mobile Banking app now and look forward to an exciting program.