Hi, Sandy’s Friend!

Sampoerna Mobile Banking will greet the residents of Medan City at the Sultan Dadakan SUMUT Sampoerna Mobile Saving event at the Ringroad City Walks on 28-30 October 2022!

There will be a lot of excitement and prizes that have been prepared, such as the Prize Competition, the MSME Bazaar Festival, performances from GEISHA music groups, and other exciting programs.

And see the main event, the Grand Prize Raffle*, with a grand prize of IDR 100 million for 1 winner & IDR 25 million for 8 winners, and hundreds more rewards with a total of 127 Prizes!

Prize Details:

  • IDR 100 million: 1 Winner
  • IDR 25 million: 8 Winners
  • IDR 9 million: 1 Winner
  • IDR 3 million: 9 Winners
  • IDR 750K: 18 Winners
  • IDR 250K: 99 Winners
Friday – 28/10/2022 Saturday – 28/10/2022 Sunday – 28/10/2022
  • Contest : Singing
    15.00 – 17.30 WIB
  • Contest : Fashion Show
    18.30 – 21.00 WIB
  • Press Conference
    13.00 – 15.00 WIB
  • Contest : Modern Dance
    15.00 – 18.00 WIB
  • Penarikan Undian & Doorprize Sultan Dadakan SUMUT
    18.00 -19.30 WIB
  • Geisha
  • Contest : Coloring
    15.00 – 17.30 WIB

Special for Residents of North Sumatra (SUMUT) get a great chance to become SULTAN DADAKAN with a primary door prize of IDR20,000,000!

Grand Prize 1 (Winner Must be Present) 20,000,000 1 20,000,000
Prize 1 (Winner Doesn’t Have to be Present) 1,000,000 8 8,000,000
Prize 2 (Winner Doesn’t Have to be Present) 500,000 9 4,500,000
TOTAL PRIZE 18 32,500,000

**Note: The winner bears the prize tax..

Terms and Conditions of the Sultan Dadakan Door Prize Program:

  1. Programs can only be followed by SMS account owners who reside/have North Sumatra (SUMUT) KTP (ID card)
  2. The program is valid for all customers
  3. New/existing customers who have an increase in the balance of at least IDR 5,000,000 between 22 August – 24 October 2022 will get 1 SULTAN DADAKAN coupon (valid in multiples).
  4. New customers who come to the Sultan Dadakan SUMUT Sampoerna Mobile Saving event in October 2022 register and save min. IDR 5,000,000 will get 1 SULTAN DADAKAN coupon (valid in multiples).
  5. Existing customers who attend the Sultan Dadakan SUMUT Sampoerna Mobile Saving event and show a balance of IDR 5,000,000 will get 1 SULTAN DADAKAN coupon (valid in multiples) for a maximum of 100 coupons.
  6. Included customers are active customers (unblocked and/or dormant status).

Winner Announcement

Here are the Terms & Conditions of the Door Prize Sultan Dadakan Program Winner:

  1. The winner of the SULTAN DADAKAN will be announced during the Sultan Dadakan SUMUT Sampoerna Mobile Saving (SMS) event on 29 October 2022 at Ringroad Citywalks Medan.
  2. The winner is proven by KTP (ID card) domiciled in Medan / SUMUT and showing a Sampoerna Mobile Saving account in the Sampoerna Mobile Banking application.
  3. Customers can win a maximum of 1 (one) time for each type of prize (maximum of 3 types of SULTAN DADAKAN prizes win).
  4. Bank Sahabat Sampoerna reserves the right to disqualify/drop the prize if the winner is:
    • Active employees of Bank Sahabat Sampoerna, Partners (KSP Sahabat Mitra Sejati and PT Mekar Investama Sampoerna)
    • Identified Fraud
    • Enlisted in State Blacklist

* Grand Prize Raffle using accumulated SMS savings points in July, August, and September 2022.

Full Raffle Info
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