Jakarta, 26 July 2022 – The Grand Prize Sampoerna Mobile Saving Raffle was again held on 23 July 2022, this time the Grand Prize had the theme of SULTAN DADAKAN SULSELBAR, which took place in Tokyo’s Atrium, Phinisi Point Makassar. Enliven by DONNIE SIBARANI, this event taking place in Daeng city is vivacious!

The points drawn in the Monthly Raffle are for the period of June 2022, and the points drawn in the Sampoerna Mobile Saving Grand Prize Raffle are for the period of points owned by customers from April to June 2022. Grand Prize of IDR 100 million for 1 Winner & IDR 25 million for 8 Winners. Not only that, but there is also an additional prize in the series of SULTAN DADAKAN SULSELBAR events in the form of a door prize with a primary prize of 1 unit of the motorcycle.

Guided by MC Tono, this event is held offline, where spectators can watch the event’s excitement live, such as singing competitions and interactive quizzes. At this event, Mr. Harry Kwenre, Sales Distribution East Head Bank Sahabat Sampoerna, and Mr. Ringo Nugraha Winata, Funding Business Division Head Bank Sahabat Sampoerna and celebrated with fellow influencers and bloggers. Of course, to maintain the raffle validity, this event was witnessed by representatives from the Provincial & Municipal Social Services, Notary, and Police.

The raffle runs smoothly and festively, starting from the prize of the IDR3 Million-rupiah Monthly Raffle to the IDR25 Million-rupiah Grand Prize Raffle, voted carefully and declared valid by witnesses. Towards the peak moment, the Grand Prize RIDR100 Million-rupiah raffle felt thrilling, represented by several representatives from Bank Sahabat Sampoerna pressing the raffle button. Finally, the customer Siauw Hwa Sin from DKI Jakarta came out as the Grand Prize Raffle IDR100 Million-rupiah winner! Not forgetting the withdrawal of the door prize of 1 unit of motorcycle won by Rayhan Gobel, who was present at the event.

In the evening, visitors to Tokyo’s Atrium, Phinisi point, were increasingly arriving, and enthusiastically, the event was closed by MC Tono with the performance of Donnie Sibarani, who had been awaited by visitors in person. Visitors who attend instantly approach the stage area to hum various songs performed by Donnie Sibarani, such as Aku Milikmu, Surga CintaHaruskah Kumati, and other songs

Announcement of the winners of the April-June 2022 Monthly Raffle & Grand Prize points period can be found at: https://bit.ly/WinnerGPSultanHeld and the report of Door prize Sultan Dadakan at link:  https://bit.ly/WinnerDoorprizeSultanSulselbar. Expect the Sampoerna Mobile Saving Monthly Raffle for the July points period to be drawn in August 2022 and the Sampoerna Mobile Saving Grand Prize for the July-September 2022 points period to be held in October 2022. Invite friends and family to open and save Sampoerna Mobile Saving, so #LEBIHYAKIN win raffle prizes worth hundreds of millions of rupiah to come! For the procedure of entering the raffle, you can click on the link here: bit.ly/InfoUndianSMS

In closing, we thank all who have supported the implementation of the Sampoerna Mobile Saving Grand Prize for the April-June 2022 point period.