Jakarta, 3 October 2022 – Horas Sandy’s Friend! On a special occasion this time, the gathering of the #YakinCuan program was held again in one of the big cities, Medan, more precisely at Adimulia Hotel on 30 September 2022.

The gathering #YakinCuan program is an exclusive event for the North Sumatra community that locks IDR250,000,000 in the Sampoerna Mobile Saving account in 1 year. Program participants will get a chance to win a door prize with a total prize of IDR 405,000,000!

Before the event starts, participants are required to register in advance, after which participants are welcome to sit on the seats provided, and the series of events begins. The series of events started with the opening of the MC, a joint prayer, and a welcome from Mrs. Oktavia Laksmi Wardani as Lending & Fintech Product & Partnership Division Head of Bank Sahabat Sampoerna and Mrs. Selly as Branch Manager of Bank Sahabat Sampoerna Medan branch. Then, the event was followed by dinner together and games to guess the song title and resume the song lyrics. To arrive at the top of the series of events, the withdrawal of the #YakinCuan door prize. The event went on lively. Many participants took photos in the photobooth provided, and the branch team cheered a lot until the moment of withdrawal of the primary door prize, which went on with joy.

Out of 40 invited participants, almost all came with their colleagues. The excitement of this event is not only that. Sampoerna Mobile Saving also gives many other prizes such as 1 unit of a bread maker, 2 units of a coffee grinder, 3 MAP vouchers worth hundreds of thousands, and many more!

We thank all the parties participating in this gathering and look forward to the #YakinCuan program in the following cities!