Jakarta – Sampoerna Mobile Saving held its inaugural monthly raffle of points in January 2022, which was held on 18 February. Following the campaign “Raffle Every Month, All Year,” this event signifies the start of a raffle program from Sampoerna Mobile Banking in 2022 that will distribute thousands of gifts totaling 3 billion to all lucky savings customers! For your information, Sampoerna Mobile Saving monthly raffle distributed 127 prizes in the form of cash with prize details, namely:

  • IDR 250,000, – (Two Hundred Fifty Thousand Rupiah) for 99 winners
  • IDR 750,000, – (Seven Hundred Thousand Rupiah) for 18 winners
  • IDR 3,000,000, – (Three Million Rupiah) for 9 (Nine) winners
  • IDR 9,000,000, – (Nine Million Rupiah) for 1 (one)winner

 Image 1. MC Firzie opens the raffle and reads out Sampoerna Mobile Saving monthly raffle prize

This raffle was attended by Mrs. Indriana Seputra as Funding & Bancassurance Business Development Division Head Bank Sahabat Sampoerna and Witnesses from the Ministry of Social Affairs, Social Services, Notary, and Police to maintain the raffle validity. Firzie Budiono Ravasia, as MC, guides the event smoothly without constraints by maintaining strict health protocols.

Image 2. MC Firzie with Representatives from Bank Sahabat Sampoerna and  Witnesses

Wow, the event is fascinating. Sandy’s Friends, who want to participate in the raffle, are fortunate because the chances of winning are still very high! So, for all of you who wish to participate in the raffle, immediately save in Sampoerna Mobile Saving. Who knows, next month you will be the winner!

Image 3. Symbolization & congratulations to the winners of the raffle.

For you, Sandy’s Friends, who want to know who the winner of this raffle is, you can check through the video that Sandy uploaded https://bit.ly/UNDIANSMSJAN22.

Let’s not wait any longer. Immediately save in Sampoerna Mobile Saving now to #LEBIHYAKIN win a raffle with a total prize of 3 billion Rupiah that will be drawn every month!