Let’s reach your Sampoerna Mobile Saving (SMS) status inside Sandy Castle to determine the reward status you get! The higher your level, the higher your prize, plus your chance of winning the raffle every month.

Program Terms & Conditions:

  1. Program period 01-31 March 2023
  2. The program is valid for customers with a Sampoerna Mobile Saving (SMS) account in the previous month (January 2023).
  3. Ensure the increase in your end-of-month balance following the provisions below:
      Pawn 2,000,000 1,000
      Fortress 5,000,000 3,000
      Horse 10,000,000 Balance IDR30,000
      Elephant 25,000,000 Balance IDR75,000
      Ministers 50,000,000 Traveloka Voucher IDR150,000
      King 100,000,000 Traveloka Voucher IDR300,000

  4. Prizes do not apply to multiples.
  5. The increase in the calculated balance is the increase in the end-of-month balance compared to the end-of-month balance of the previous month.
  6. You will get rewards in the form of sweepstakes points or SMS balances, or Traveloka Vouchers according to the level you achieve every month.
  7. Make sure the balance increase remains available on the 14th (fourteenth) of the following month so that your prize can be paid out
  8. Reward points will automatically accrue in the Sampoerna Mobile Banking app no later than the 5th of the following month.
  9. The SMS balance bonus will be sent to your registered SMS account no later than the 14th (fourteenth) of the following month.
  10. Traveloka voucher rewards will be sent as a voucher code no later than the 14th (fourteenth) of the following month via SMS blast.
  11. The voucher code given following the program prize amount is IDR150,000 (One hundred fifty thousand rupiahs) and IDR300,000 (Three hundred thousand rupiahs) gift vouchers.
  12. Each voucher code is valid for 1 (one) year according to the date informed via SMS blast.
  13. Each voucher code is valid for one-time use and cannot be reused, including when an in-app booking is canceled.
  14. Voucher codes can be used to purchase Airfare, Hotel products (applicable to certain hotels, depending on the policy of each hotel), Airfare and Hotel (bundling), Train, Xperience, airport shuttle, Bus & Travel, and Car Rental on Traveloka.
  15. Voucher codes can be combined with other promo coupon codes in the Traveloka app.
  16. The voucher code can be used on the desktop or mobile website web and/or the IOS or Android version of the Traveloka app for any payment method.
  17. The voucher code cannot be used to purchase Bill & Top Up products.
  18. If the value of the voucher code is higher than the transaction amount, then the remaining value of the voucher cannot be refunded or cashed.
  19. Bank Sahabat Sampoerna’s decision on winners who have met the applicable Terms & Conditions cannot be overturned.
  20. Bank Sahabat Sampoerna reserves the right to cancel the gift-giving if there are transactions that are indicated to be fraudulent or fraudulent against the terms of the program.
  21. Bank Sahabat Sampoerna has the right to terminate/extend the program and make changes to the terms and conditions of this program with prior notice through the media specified by Bank Sahabat Sampoerna.
  22. This program cannot be merged with other programs
  23. For more information about the program or issues, you can contact the Call Center at 1500-035.

Calculation examples:

Example A
Balance 31-Jan-23 1,000,000
Balance 17-Feb-23 5,000,000
Balance 31-Feb-23 6,000,000
Increase in the balance of Feb-23 5,000,000
Feb-23 Reward Status Fortress
Feb-23 Reward Prizes
Feb-23 Raffles Points Prizes 3,000
Monthly Raffles Schedule Apr-23
Grand Prize Raffle Schedule Apr-23
Example B
Balance 31-Jan-23 6,000,000
Balance 17-Feb-23 25,000,000
Balance 28-Feb-23 31,000,000
Increase in the balance of Feb-23 25,000,000
Feb-23 Reward Status Elephant
Feb-23 Reward Prizes 75,000
Feb-23 Raffles Points Prizes
Monthly Raffle Schedule Mar-23
Grand Prize Raffle Schedule Apr-23

Raffle Schedule:

Points Period Prize Amount Sealing Schedule Winner Determination Schedule Description
January 2023 127 February 2023 February 2023 Monthly Raffle
February 2023 127 March 2023 March 2023 Monthly Raffle
March 2023
January-March 2023
April 2023 April 2023 Monthly Raffle
Grand Prize Raffle
April 2023 127 May 2023 May 2023 Monthly Raffle
May 2023 127 June 2023 June 2023 Monthly Raffle

Prize Raffle:

Rewards Prize Nominal Prize Amount Amount in Rupiah
Grand Prize Raffle IDR100,000,000,- 1 IDR100,000,000,-
Grand Prize Raffle IDR25,000,000,- 8 IDR200,000,000,-
Total Prize 9 IDR300,000,000,-
Monthly Raffle IDR9,000,000,- 1 IDRp9,000,000,-
Monthly Raffle IDR3,000,000,- 9 IDR27,000,000,-
Monthly Raffle IDR750,000,- 18 IDR13,500,000,-
Monthly Raffle IDR250,000,- 99 IDR24,750,000,-
Total Prize 127 IDR74,250,000,-

Raffle terms & conditions:

  1. The raffle event is open, transparent, and attended by Representatives of the Indonesian Ministry of Health and/or the organizing City’s agencies/social service, Bank Sampoerna Officials, Police Representatives, and Sampoerna Mobile Saving Customer Representatives.
  2. The announcement of the winner of the raffle will be submitted via SMS, and/or email, Sampoerna Mobile Saving website, and social media within no later than 30 (thirty) working days from the date of the drawing.
  3. Bank Sampoerna will formally contact the winner via SMS and official email:
    • email: sampoernamobile@banksampoerna.com
    • SMS: B Sampoerna
  1. The organizer sends the prize raffle to the Sampoerna Mobile Savings account on behalf of the winner for a maximum of 14 (fourteen) working days after the announcement.
  2. Bank Sahabat Sampoerna reserves the right to disqualify/drop the prize if the winner is:
    • Active employees of Bank Sahabat Sampoerna & Partners
    • Identified Fraud
    • Enlisted in the State Blacklist
  3. The rules of the drawing process follow the regulations in force in the Republic of Indonesia.
  4. Raffles does not apply to Bank Sahabat Sampoerna employees and Bank Sahabat Sampoerna Partners.