Hi, Sandy’s Friend! Are you among those who directly check out targeted items in the e-Commerce cart or order food online on payday? Usually, after that, you immediately feel that your wallet is thin even though you just got your salary. If this continues, it feels like the mediocre pay is just passing by through the account.

If we live from salary to salary like this every month, it will be challenging to save, let alone invest, for the long term. Let’s double-check your habits and try to start applying the following tips to set a mediocre salary.

  1. Record your income and expenses
    Record every income you earn monthly. So does every expense you make. Don’t be lazy to take note of every detail. See your most extensive spending posts: consumption, transportation, internet and data packages, clothing shopping, and more.
  2. Budgeting
    Starting to make monthly budgeting is to keep you from spending more money than what has been determined.
  3. Pay your obligations and set aside to save.
    On payday, what did you first do? Before buying the item you want, pay the bill or installment first. Let’s keep the spending well under control.
  4. Cook yourself so that you can save
    Many benefits of consuming our own food and being healthier because we can control the foodstuffs we use. We can save a lot of money by cooking ourselves.
  5. Committed to the goal of saving
    Have dreams or goals that will make us more consistent in doing something. The same goes for regulating finances. Decide what purposes you want to achieve in the near term for a long time. This motivation can help you reach the goal of saving or refrain from buying things that are less important now.

After trying to manage your finances better, you can set aside money to save and still enjoy living according to your financial condition. I hope the tips work for you, Sandy’s Friend.